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rZ tHe eXtRaOrDiNaiRe

Oct. 11th, 2008

12:27 am

she payed me u didint, she came u didint, she calls and you do not.


12:22 am

x blow faerie x [11:57 P.M.]:  is it so much to ask that my best friend not put up pictures of someone i hate
nastyralphy [12:15 A.M.]:  ?
nastyralphy [12:17 A.M.]:  u know what jen i dont hate michelle
nastyralphy [12:17 A.M.]:  when my car broke down
nastyralphy [12:17 A.M.]:  she gave me money
nastyralphy [12:17 A.M.]:  she comes out every single week to my party
nastyralphy [12:17 A.M.]:  with out me calling her
nastyralphy [12:17 A.M.]:  she calls me and says were doing this tonightw
nastyralphy [12:17 A.M.]:  wanan come along
nastyralphy [12:17 A.M.]:  so i dont hate her
x blow faerie x [12:17 A.M.]:  then you should definitely ask her to do you this favor
nastyralphy [12:17 A.M.]:  okay
nastyralphy [12:18 A.M.]:  and when she says sure when
nastyralphy [12:18 A.M.]:  what are u gonna say then
x blow faerie x [12:18 A.M.]:  im gonna say good for the two of yous
nastyralphy [12:18 A.M.]:  cool
nastyralphy [12:18 A.M.]:  im still waiting for u to giveme 20 bucks from january
nastyralphy [12:18 A.M.]:  so please
nastyralphy [12:18 A.M.]:  leave it alone
x blow faerie x [12:19 A.M.]:  yeah and everythings about money
x blow faerie x [12:19 A.M.]:  have fun
x blow faerie x [12:19 A.M.]:  im cool
nastyralphy [12:19 A.M.]:  and not to mention michelle telling me that u were telling her not to give me money cuz my mom would pay for it
nastyralphy [12:19 A.M.]:  its not about money
x blow faerie x [12:19 A.M.]:  get your friends to help you
nastyralphy [12:19 A.M.]:  its about making a commitment and keeping it
nastyralphy [12:19 A.M.]:  and being a grown up
x blow faerie x [12:19 A.M.]:  lol
x blow faerie x [12:19 A.M.]:  you really just said that
nastyralphy [12:19 A.M.]:  yeah i did
x blow faerie x [12:19 A.M.]:  k peaaaace
nastyralphy [12:19 A.M.]:  why 
nastyralphy [12:19 A.M.]:  too hot in this kitchen ?
nastyralphy [12:19 A.M.]:  she made commitments the same ones as you
nastyralphy [12:19 A.M.]:  she kept them u didint
nastyralphy [12:20 A.M.]:  whats the mis understanding?
x blow faerie x signed off at 12:20 A.M.
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May. 2nd, 2008

08:32 am

i remember a time when the only thing that mattered was if i had 20 $ to go to a rave on friday.

Jan. 8th, 2008

04:08 am

one more go shall we?

Oct. 8th, 2007

03:54 pm

okay well i realized a couple of weeks ago..
"you can cry me a river cuz its over nigga"

im hot

Sep. 8th, 2007

07:21 am

secretly i cant wait till he comes home. but shh ill never let him know.

Aug. 6th, 2007

07:07 pm

NASTY RALPHY [7:03 PM]: uffdog34 [6:33 PM]: i wud have hooked up with ur dog if he was there
NASTY RALPHY [6:33 PM]: i bet
NASTY RALPHY [6:33 PM]: i know y our past
ruffdog34 [6:33 PM]: ok bye ralph

Apr. 8th, 2007

07:29 am

"I think everyone’s bisexual to some degree or another; it’s just a question of whether or not you choose to recognize it and embrace it. Personally, I think choosing between men and women is like choosing between cake and ice cream. You’d be daft not to try both when there are so many different flavors.” - Bjork (Diva, October 2004)

Mar. 22nd, 2007

02:30 am

RuFf DoG 34 [2:22 AM]: im kidding baby
nasty ralphy [2:23 AM]: lol i kno
RuFf DoG 34 [2:23 AM]: k
RuFf DoG 34 [2:23 AM]: ilu

Mar. 10th, 2007

02:48 pm

Date: Mar 10, 2007 12:59 PM



I Loved The Way You Mixed It Up With Some Old School ShizFuck.

It Was Refreshing. :-)

Much Love & GEEspect,


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